SDM-1 Manual Powder Dispenser

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The manual Solids Dispenser SDM-1 offers precise and repeatable dispensing of calibrated volumetric doses of powders. It enhances lab productivity and ensures accurate solids/powder dosing. With its compact handheld design, it seamlessly integrates into workflows, reducing repetitive measuring tasks. The SDM-1 can be calibrated for dosing between 5 mg and 250 mg in a single dose, depending on the material.

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Exchangeable volumetric dispensing disk.
• Calibrated dispensing based on volumetric approach to your specific requirement.

Dispensing advantages:
• Usable with different solids/powders
• Typical dispensing range from 5 to 250 mg
• Standard glass vials as reservoir
• High repeatability
• High accuracy
• Smallest volumes accessible
• Easy to use and maintain

Typical Dispensed Powders:
• Sodium Carbonate
• Sodium Ascorbate (Ascorbic Acid)
• Sodium Bicarbonate
• Sodium Chloride
• Sodium Dithionite
• Sodium Molybdate
• Sodium Sulphite
• Phytagel
• Bacto Agar
• Agar Noble
• T.C. Grade Agar
• Magnesium Sulfate
• Glass beads (Density= 1.7 – 2.5 g/ml)
• Silica Gel (SiliaFlash® F60) 40-63µm (0.040-0.063 mm)
• Siliasphere Phenyl, 70A (Microbeads)
• Methacrylic Polymer Resin
• Dental Amalgam powder
• Somatropin (human growth hormone)
• Lidocaine Hydrochloride
• Proteinase K
• Carbon Black
• Ammonium Chloride
• Granular fish feed
• Coal powder

• Size: 58 x 99 mm
• Weight: 160 g

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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 9.9 cm

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