MS110 microbial shaking incubator

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For shaking culture of microorganism, it’s UV sterilization stackable incubator shaker.25mm,26mm,50mm, three shaking throw can be chosen.Rotation speed is from 2-300rpm.

• MS110 microbial shaking incubator

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RF3101 Peacock Blue Crystal sticky pad( 140×140mm )
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•The dual tray offers two shaking levels and doubles the capacity
•Simple push-button operation panel with LCD display for intuitive and easy operation
•Sliding black window, easy to push and pull for dark culture (Optional)
•Double glass doors ensure excellent insulation and security
•UV sterilization system for better sterilization effect
•Brushed full stainless steel rounded corners of the integrated cavity, beautiful and easy to clean
• Machine operation is nearly silent, multi-unit stacked high-speed operation without abnormal vibration
•One-piece molding flask clamp is stable and durable, effectively preventing unsafe incidents due to clamp breakage
•Waterproof fan without heat, significantly reducing background heat and saving energy

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Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 64.5 × 80 × 106 cm

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