Real-time PCR (BFQP-96)

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• High-quality Thermoelectric Module specially designed and customized, multi-point control, brings excellent temperature control performance, and BFQP-96 has a maximum ramp rate of 6 ℃/s
• Long-life maintenance-free LED excitation light source, high-sensitivity photomultiplier tube(PMT) and professional optical fiber ensure high-intensity and high-stability signal transmission.
• Well by well scanning results in no fluorescence edge effect, and the instruments do not need ROX calibration. The single-channel scanning time is less than 1.5s.
• The analysis software is friendly, intuitive, concise, humanized and easy-to-operate. New experiments can be quickly created in multiple ways, and the results are automatically analyzed after the experiment.
• The report template can be customized, and supports data export in multiple formats to facilitate acc ess to the LIMS system.
• Electric automatic hot lid,no manual operation is required.
• With 10 inch touch screen and computer installed inside (windows operation system)

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Sample Quantity:96well×0.2ml
Consumable type:0.2 mL 8-strip tubes, Single tube(the bottom should be transparent)
Reaction volume:5-100 μL
Dynamic range:1-1010 copies
Sample repeatability:CV<1%
Sample linear:|r|≥0.999
Hot lid:The hot lid can be controlled by touch button to autamatically press the tube
Fluorescence channel:5+1(optional)
Fluorescence dyes:F1: FAM、SYBR Green I;
F3: ROX/TexRed;
F4: CY5;
F5: CY5.5
Excitation light source:High brightness and long life LED excitation light source
Excitation wavelength:Channel1:470nm Channel2:523nm Channel3:571nm Channel4:628nm Channel5:678nm
Detection wavelength:Channel1:525nm Channel2:564nm Channel3:612nm Channel4:692nm Channel5:718nm
Single channel scanning time:1.5s
ROX Calibration:No need
Temp. control method:Thermo-electronic
Ramp rate(max):6℃/s
Temp. accuracy:±0.1℃
Temp. uniformity:≤±0.2℃(55℃)
Temp. range of hot lid:RT+5℃-110℃
Temp. gradient range:0.1-36℃
Time increase/decrease:0.1~9min59s, LongPCR is available
Temp. increase/decrease:0.1~9.9℃, Touchdown PCR is available
Software function:Support absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, melting curve, HRM, SNP and other functions
Safety protection and alarm:Over heat protection and alarm for block and hot lid
Result export data:Excel, TXT
Voltage range:100-240V
Interface mode:USB
Dimensions(D×W×H mm):473×335×330mm
Net weight(kg):26kg

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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 48 × 34 × 33 cm

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