4022-000pk 8 Strips PCR Tubes with Individually Attached Flat Caps

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4022-000pk 8 Strips PCR tubes with Attached caps
• Manufactured to strict QC standards with ultra-thin walls to ensure rapid thermal transfer
• Individually attached caps eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination through accidental cap-tube mix ups
• Angled lids allow the tubes to be nested together in racks without interfering with one another
• Packing: 120/box

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Low profile (0.1 ml) products are used in “fast cyclers” from ABI, Roche LightCycler ® 480 systems as well in qPCR cyclers with height adjustable lids. The difference between low profile 0.1 ml vessels and regular products is the height of the product and consequently the volume it can hold. More than half of a regular-profile strip remains above the thermal block level. In low profile tubes there is a smaller “air” volume above the reaction mix than in regular and high profile tubes. This allows less reaction mix to go into gas phase, leading to less concentration of the samples, less change in reaction conditions and therefore to more reproducible results. Most fast cyclers accept low profile tubes, strips and plates. Most regular PCR cyclers accept standard PCR tubes products. (tubes, tube-strips and plates).

Low Profile PCR Tube Strips feature uniform, thin walls that give optimal and consistent heat transfer, reducing variation between samples. The low binding interior surface prevents reaction components from binding to side walls, ensuring maximum yield. The tight sealing strip caps minimize sample evaporation and allow for low reaction volumes. Low-profile design reduces dead space between cycler heated lid and sample, eliminating condensation on tube side, preventing reduction in PCR volume, and increasing reaction efficiency. Can be cut into individual tubes.

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4022-000pk 8 Strips PCR Tubes with Individually Attached Flat Caps