450L Stackable High-capacity Incubator Shaker(Refrigerated)

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IS-5 incubator shakers feature Temperature, Shaking, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity controls, with capacity for flasks up to 5 L in volume. It’s stackable design helps maximize floor space, with the capability to stack up to three units high. Shaking diameter is available for both 26mm or 50mm.

• IS-5W(26mm, without CO2)
• IS-5CW(26mm, with CO2)
• IS-5C5W(50mm, with CO2)

IS-A1 50ML flask clamp
IS-A2 100ML flask clamp
IS-A3 150ML flask clamp
IS-A4 200ML flask clamp
IS-A5 250ML flask clamp
IS-A6 500ML flask clamp
IS-A7 1000ML flask clamp
IS-A8 2000ML flask clamp
IS-A9 3000ML flask clamp
IS-A10 5000ML flask clamp
IS-A50 25ML flask clamp
IS-A11 Test Tube Rack, 40 hole ¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A12 Test Tube Rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A23 Test Tube Rack, 40 hole¢18mm for 15ml tube
IS-A24 Test Tube Rack, 27 hole¢22mm for 20ml tube
IS-A42 Test Tube Rack, 21 hole¢30mm for 50ml tube
IS-A20 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A21 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A30 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢18mm for 15ml tube
IS-A31 Adjustable test tube rack,27 hole¢22mm for 20ml tube
IS-A32 Adjustable test tube rack,21 hole¢30mm for 50ml tube
IS-A37 Adjustable test tube rack,24 hole¢30mm, for 300mm length tube
IS-A13 96-Well Microplate Holder, Microplate Holer, can be mounted on platform of shakers
IS-A35 Holder for Separating Funnel, Used for seperating funnel w/volume greater than 500ml;
IS-A33 Infusion Bottle Clamp,500ml
IS-A34 Infusion Bottle Clamp, 1000ml
IS-A47 Sticky Pad, WxD:140x140mm
IS-A62 Rack for Stacking Incubator Shakers
IS-A63 Multifunction Spring PlatformWxDxH:899x539x81mm;
IS-A71 Automatic replenisher, Automatically refill water to humidity tray
IS-A72 RH Control system, including a water replenisher and humidity controller, which could keep the humidity in the chamber at the setting value.
IS-A90 Water tank WxDxH:240x240x449mm;Used with IS-A71/A72;Capacity: 15L
IS-A64 Remote Monitoring & Control System,Incl. advanced monitoring system and software for mobile phone

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•Large Capacity, 450 liter;Max capacity for flasks up to 5L;
•Stackable up to 3 units;
•Three axis eccentric balance system provides stable and reliable shaking;
•Brushless DC motor is highly efficient, quiet, durable, and produces negligible heat that does not affect the chamber
•Program mode allows user to set up to 12 segments of varying temperature and speed;
•10” LCD color touchscreen;Simple user interface make it easy for setting temperature, speed, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity
•Wifi monitoring allows the user to stay in touch with the instrument even outside of the lab(Optional)

Additional information

Weight 407 kg
Dimensions 158 × 110 × 103 cm

IS-5W(26mm, without CO2), IS-5CW(26mm, with CO2), IS-5C5W(50mm, with CO2)

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450L Stackable High-capacity Incubator Shaker(Refrigerated)