SPW-DSE Electrophoresis Power Supply (Dual Module, Programmable)

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Product Introduction
This product is a rectifier that converts alternating current into direct current. It can convert alternating current into controllable constant voltage and constant current direct current to meet the needs of electrophoresis and other experimental production. It is widely used in biology, medicine and other fields, such as nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, Protein gel electrophoresis, Western Blot protein transfer and other experiments.

Product Features
1. Completely independent dual outputs, with the ability to set parameters separately.
2. Programmable function, capable of setting four working modes: constant voltage, constant current, voltage gradient, and current gradient.
3. Additional two sets of 12V outputs, suitable for use with blue light illuminator, gel loading lamps, and can be controlled separately.
4. Equippend with multiple abnormality alerts, including overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, variable load, and no load.

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Channel: Independent dual channels, a total of 6 groups of output ports.
Terminal: The left and right sets of independent dual power supply outputs can also be independently controlled without interfering with each other.
Temperature: 4-35℃
Parameters: 500V,500mA,250W
Voltage Range: 6-500V
Current Range: 6mA-500mA
Type: Constant voltage, constant current, gradient voltage, gradient current
Timing Range: 0-99h60min
Pause/Resume Function: YES
Programmable method: Gradient voltage, gradient current, three steps
Power off memory function: YES
Screen size: 4 inches
Input power: AC 180-240V/110-120V, 50/60HZ
Size: 265*215*120mm
Net Weight: 2.25KG

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Weight 2.25 kg

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SPW-DSE Electrophoresis Power Supply (Dual Module, Programmable)