Multi Purpose Shaker OS-06UW

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Orbital Shakers may be used for several applications including culturing microbes, washing blots, and general mixing. Our Orbital Shakers are designed and built for a heavy workload and provides continuous shaking with no vibration or heat output. Crystals Orbital Shakers can be placed into a standard incubator, converting the incubator into a shaking incubator.

OSA17 Flat Shelf with Rubber Mat
OSA20 Universal Platform with Adjustable Bars, WxDxH: 306x303x145mm;Fit OS-06UW;
OSA21 Aluminum Platform,WxD :310 x 284mm;Fit OS-06UW;
IS-A1 50ML flask clamp
IS-A2 100ML flask clamp
IS-A3 150ML flask clamp
IS-A4 200ML flask clamp
IS-A5 250ML flask clamp
IS-A6 500ML flask clamp
IS-A7 1000ML flask clamp
IS-A8 2000ML flask clamp
IS-A9 3000ML flask clamp
IS-A10 5000ML flask clamp
IS-A50 25ML flask clamp
IS-A11 Test Tube Rack, 40 hole ¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A12 Test Tube Rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A20 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A21 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A13 96-Well Microplate Holder, Microplate Holer, can be mounted on platform of shakers
IS-A47 Sticky Pad, WxD:140x140mm

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• Speed: 30~300RPM;Orbital Diameter: Ø10mm (0.39″) ;Max Load: 4.5kg (9.9lb)
•Ergonomic design with speed control and timer
•Automatically recovers from power outages
•Digital control and LED/LCD display
•Designed and built for continuous use
•Safe for use inside standard incubators
•No vibration or heat output
•Built for heavy workloads

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 52 × 42 × 28 cm

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