G100 dry bath incubator

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R.T.+ 5 ~105℃, ≤15min ( 20℃ to 100℃ )


G100 is a dry block heater controlled by microcomputer. It can be widely used in sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification and pre-denaturation of electrophoresis, serum coagulation, etc.


C1 BLOCK 96 x 0.2ml
C2 BLOCK 58 x 0.5ml
C3 BLOCK 39 x 1.5ml
C4 BLOCK 39 x 2.0ml
C5 BLOCK 18 x 5.0ml
C6 BLOCK 24 x 0.5ml+ 30 x 1.5ml
C7 BLOCK 58 x 6mm

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•LED display with timer
•High precision temperature
•Built-in over-temperature protect
•Small size with transparent lid
•Various blocks can protect samples from contamination

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 17.6 × 12.1 cm

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