FD-10P Bench Top Freeze Dryer

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Standard stopper with 8 port manifolds

Package includes:

  • Vacuum freeze dryer host 1 set
  • Drying rack 1pc
  • Material tray 4 pc
  • Pre-freezing rack 1 pc
  • PC cover 1pc
  • Vacuum pump 1 pc
  • Vacuum pump connection pipe 1pc
  • Vacuum pump oil 1 pc
  • Connection clamp (including sealing ring) 2 pcs
  • Manual and certificate 1 pc
  • Power cord 1 pc
  • Vacuum silicone grease 1 pc
  • Tee component 8 pcs
  • Lyophilized bottle 8 pcs (800ml/pc)

Freeze dryer is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, biological science industry, materials science industry, chemical industry, food and agriculture industry etc. It is used to produce vaccines, drugs and permanently store biological tissues/organs.

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  1. 7 colorful touch panel, can display the product samples temperature, cold trap temperature and vacuum etc in digital and curve.
  2. Touch panel with tilt design conforms to ergonomics and operate more
  3. Optional for gas interface: can inject inert gas
  4. Optional for Cold trap electrical heating defrost function
  5. Optional for rack heating which is help to test in production Eutectic point testing, it can have sublimation temperature.


  • Final condenser temp: -55 deg C
  • Condenser volume: 9L
  • Freeze drying area: 0.12m2
  • Ice condenser capacity: 3kg/24h
  • Qty of shelf: 4
  • Material loading capacity/shelf: 300ml
  • Material loading capacity: 1200ml
  • Manifold: 8 pcs
  • USD Interface: Yes
  • Vacuum Degree: <10pa
  • Freeze drying time: 24h
  • Drying chamber (standard): Transparent acrylic
  • Vacuum Pump: Speed: 2L/s
  • Control System: Microprocessor, touch screen

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