Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, TC Treated, Sterile

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•Cell scrapers and serum pipettes can reach any drop. There are eye-catching writing areas on both sides of the bottle neck, and scales are printed on both sides, which is easy to use.
•The anti-rollover design of the bottle body reduces the risk of contamination. In addition, stacking edges ensure stability when stacked.
•Optimized sloping neck and anti-drip rim reduce the risk of contamination from media spillage and allow for safer pouring.
•Aseptic ziplock bag packaging
•High Definition, Polystyrene Material
•Frosted writable area on bottle side, graduations on both sides
•Stacking design is not easy to slip, easy to stack
•Electron Beam Sterilization
•No pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity

•JT102025: T25, 25cm², 10pcs/pack, 20pack/carton
•JT102075: T75, 75cm², 5pcs/pack, 20pack/carton
•JT102175: T175, 175cm², 5pcs/pack, 10pack/carton
•JT102275: T225, 225cm², 5pcs/pack, 5pack/carton

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JT102025: T25, 25cm², 10pcs/pack, 20pack/carton, JT102075: T75, 75cm², 5pcs/pack, 20pack/carton, JT102175: T175, 175cm², 5pcs/pack, 10pack/carton, JT102275: T225, 225cm², 5pcs/pack, 5pack/carton

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Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, TC Treated, Sterile