190 L Stackable Magnetic Drive Incubator Shaker

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The CO₂ Incubator Shaker features Temperature, Shaking, CO2 Concentration, and Humidity controls. Its’ stackable design helps maximize floor space, with the capability to stack up to three units high.

• IS-AMW(Ф26mm, without CO2)
• IS-ACMW( (Ф26mm, with CO2)
• IS-A5CMW(Ф50mm,  with CO2)

IS-A1 50ML flask clamp
IS-A2 100ML flask clamp
IS-A3 150ML flask clamp
IS-A4 200ML flask clamp
IS-A5 250ML flask clamp
IS-A6 500ML flask clamp
IS-A7 1000ML flask clamp
IS-A8 2000ML flask clamp
IS-A9 3000ML flask clamp
IS-A10 5000ML flask clamp
IS-A50 25ML flask clamp
IS-A11 Test Tube Rack, 40 hole ¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A12 Test Tube Rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A23 Test Tube Rack, 40 hole¢18mm for 15ml tube
IS-A24 Test Tube Rack, 27 hole¢22mm for 20ml tube
IS-A42 Test Tube Rack, 21 hole¢30mm for 50ml tube
IS-A20 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢14mm for 5ml tube
IS-A21 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢16mm for 10ml tube
IS-A30 Adjustable test tube rack,40 hole¢18mm for 15ml tube
IS-A31 Adjustable test tube rack,27 hole¢22mm for 20ml tube
IS-A32 Adjustable test tube rack,21 hole¢30mm for 50ml tube
IS-A37 Adjustable test tube rack,24 hole¢30mm, for 300mm length tube
IS-A13 96-Well Microplate Holder, Microplate Holer, can be mounted on platform of shakers
IS-A35 Holder for Separating Funnel, Used for seperating funnel w/volume greater than 500ml;
IS-A33 Infusion Bottle Clamp,500ml
IS-A34 Infusion Bottle Clamp, 1000ml
IS-A47 Sticky Pad, WxD:140x140mm
IS-A62 Rack for Stacking Incubator Shakers
IS-A63 Multifunction Spring PlatformWxDxH:899x539x81mm;
IS-A71 Automatic replenisher, Automatically refill water to humidity tray
IS-A72 RH Control system, including a water replenisher and humidity controller, which could keep the humidity in the chamber at the setting value.
IS-A90 Water tank WxDxH:240x240x449mm;Used with IS-A71/A72;Capacity: 15L
IS-A64 Remote Monitoring & Control System,Incl. advanced monitoring system and software for mobile phone
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• Speed:0 rpm, 30~300RPM;Temperature Range: AT-18℃~60℃ Min 4℃ ;Maximum Capacity:Clamps:50ml×72/ 100ml×30/ 150ml×30/ 200ml×30/250ml×30/ 500ml×17/ 1000ml×12/ 2000ml×8; Sticky mat:50ml×80/ 100ml×56/ 150ml×42/ 200ml×30/250ml×30/ 500ml×20/ 1000ml×12/ 2000ml×8/ 5000ml(Thomson)×4;
•7″ High-Res Color Touch Screen with intuitive graphic interface
•Innovative chamber design features smooth rounded internal corners for easy cleaning
•Infra-Red(IR) CO2 sensor for precise and reliable CO2 detection
•Optional WiFi and RS485 control
•2 Sets of UV lights for easy sterilization
•Audible and visual alarms
•Mirror finish, pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel chamber
•Stackable design up to 3 units
•26mm and 50mm orbit models available

Additional information

Weight 214 kg
Dimensions 115 × 98 × 82 cm

IS-AMW(Ф26mm, without CO2), IS-ACMW( (Ф26mm, with CO2), IS-A5CMW(Ф50mm, with CO2)

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190 L Stackable Magnetic Drive Incubator Shaker