100L Vaccum Filter Jacketed Glass Vessel Stirred Crystallization Reactor

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Compared to standard jacketed glass reactor, the Lab1st JGR-FK series glass reactor is more multifunctional since it has reaction, crystallization as well as filtration functions. Besides, the 100 liter filter reactor has a liquid collection flask to collect liquids after reaction. Lab1st batch reactor is made of high borosilicate glass amd equipped with PTFE seals, ensuring clean and long lifespan. 100L lab chemical reactor can be operated under a wide range of temperature from -80℃ to 200℃ and the stirring motor is 200W, bringing you remarkable performance.

With Filter plate on the bottom for filtration and Equipped with mother liquor collection flask with condenser and moving trolley.
Jacket interface can be matched with different heater and chiller.
Optional high quality thermal insulation jacket available.

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• Temperature Range: -80℃~200℃ [Glass]
• Jacket Pressure: ≤0.05Mpa
• Internal Vessel Pressure: ≥-0.098Mpa
• Glass Material: High borosilicate glass
• Vacuum Seaing: PTFE
• Electrical Requirements: 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase
• Stirring Motor Power [W]: 200
• Rotation Controller: Variable frequency drive,600 rpm
• Agitator Type: PTFE stirring paddle(Various types available)
• Filtration Pore Size: 40~80μm
• Stirring Blades Layer: Single layer (double layer can be customized)
• Ports on the Lid [pcs]: 5+1
• Reaction Vessel Volume [L]: 100
• Liquid Collection Flask Volume [L]: 100
• Jacket Volume [L]: 30

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Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 130 × 150 × 60 cm

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100L Vaccum Filter Jacketed Glass Vessel Stirred Crystallization Reactor