• Mettler Toledo Quickflow Lite 4L – Vacuum Aspirator (30551511) [Resale]

    *Additional charge for installation
    *One Science does not handle the warranty for resale items

    Convenient, Quiet and Comfortable.
    Aspirator QuickFlow Lite 4L

    Continuous Flow
    QuickFlow Lite’s continuous mode eliminates repetitive strain injury by allowing users to select continuous flow and the degree of suction.

    Multiple Adapters
    Whatever your application, QuickFlow Lite has an adapter to meet your needs. The single, multichannel and pipette adapters connect quickly.

    Easy Assembly
    QuickFlow Lite is designed for easy disassembly and reassembly. All parts that come into contact with liquids are easy to clean and autoclavable.

  • Mettler Toledo SevenCompact pH meter S210 bundle [Resale]

    *Additional charge for installation
    *One Science does not handle the warranty for resale items

    Bundle includes:
    i. SevenCompact pH meter S210 (30130862) x 1
    ii. pH electrode InLab Solids Pro-ISM (51344155) x1
    iii. InLab cable MultiPin-BNC/RCA 1.2m (30281896) x 1

    Versatile and universal.
    SevenCompact S210-Basic; pH/mV benchtop meter

    Truly intuitive operation
    Starting a measurement or calibration requires only a single keypress. Menu settings are intuitive, consisting of full sentences in 12 languages.

    High-resolution color display
    The 4.3 inch color display with its large digits and well arranged icons makes the relevant data identifiable at a glance.

    Connectivity and peripherals
    Boost the productivity of your instrument by connecting peripherals, such as a printer, PC, USB-stick and barcode reader.

  • Mettler Toledo pH meter SevenDirect SD20 Solids Kit (30671559) [Resale]

    *Additional charge for installation
    *One Science does not handle the warranty for resale items

    Channel: Single-channel; Sensor: InLab Solids Pro-ISM

    Straight to the point
    SD20 pH meter with InLab Solids-Pro ISM pH/temperature sensor for pH measurement in solids and semisolids featuring automatic sensor recognition. The kit includes an efficient electrode arm and pH buffer sachets for initial calibration.

    Mastered in no time
    Large color touchscreen provides direct measurement and easy data entry. Instructions guide users through the sensor calibration process.

    Tracks your records
    The instrument stores data like timestamp, sample and sensor ID with every measurement and prints or exports records automatically.

    Tough enough
    Closed connector compartment and replaceable cover keep the instrument safe from dust and spills, even with sensors attached (IP54 in-use).

    pH Sensor for Solid/Semi-Solid samples
    InLab Solids-Pro ISM is a ph/temperature sensor for measurement in solid and semisolid samples. The spear tip made from hardened glass ensures easy sensor insertion into the solid sample. The open junction prevents clogging in challenging samples.

    Electrode arm for efficient operation
    The EasyPlace electrode arm makes placing the sensor in the sample or buffer container easy. Dedicated positions for cleaning and storage support correct sensor handling. Vertical and horizontal movements facilitate precise positioning, even with one hand.

    Protect critical settings
    A two-level user management protects the most important settings. Operators retain the flexibility to individually set preferences like language and screen brightness.

    Display adapts to your needs
    View detailed measurement information on one measurement screen – or focus on the result only and maximize readability with the uFocus mode.

  • Halogen Moisture Analyzer HC103 (30216101) [Resale]

    *Additional charge for installation
    *One Science does not handle the warranty for resale items

    All-rounder for Routine Moisture Tasks.
    0.01 %MC (1 mg) readability, user guidance, real-time drying curve, multiple languages, standard and rapid drying program, method (20) and results (100) storage.

    Intuitive OneClickTM Operation
    The large 7″ color touchscreen offers an easy to navigate user interface. The operator is guided graphically step by step through the workflow.

    Perfect for Lab and Production Floor
    The robust design guarantees reliable results and a long instrument lifetime, whether you work in a busy laboratory or a harsh production environment.

    Integrated Operator Training
    The setup wizard gets you up and running straight away. The instrument tutorial shows you how to conduct a measurement and create a method.

  • Mettler Toledo Precision Balances ML503T/00 (30243409) [Resale]

    *Additional charge for installation
    *One Science does not handle the warranty for resale items

    Big Performance in a Compact Footprint.
    Reliable results and a wealth of useful features; 520 g capacity; 1 mg readability; 2 x USB; 1 x RS232; 1 x LAN; FACT automatic adjustment; user management; level warning with leveling guide; battery operation; 15 languages; 10 applications.

    Renowned MonoBloc Weighing Cell
    The high-performance MonoBloc weighing cell, coupled with FACT automatic internal adjustment, delivers consistently reliable weighing results.

    User Management
    Assign access rights so that operators see only the functions and applications they need, preventing errors and improving productivity.

    Compact and Powerful
    The compact design saves space whilst still offering you all the performance and features you need to complete weighing tasks with ease.

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