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    MRX A2000 Microplate Reader

    Store: Maha

    The MRX A2000 can be used with 6 – 384 well plates and cuvettes and provides excellent measurement performance in the UV-VIS area.

    User convenience has been improved by applying intuitive PC software. Endpoint, Kinetic, Spectral scanning, Well area scan modes are provided, and incubation and Shaking functions are also provided to enable various applications.

    Main Charateristics:
    – Quantitative analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, ELISA, and microbial growth experiments are possible by selecting a wavelength in the range of 200 – 999 nm
    – Various workflows can be applied by providing endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning, and well area scanning modes
    – Compatible with 6 to 384 well plates
    – Quantitative analysis of nucleic acids without dilution using the Micro-Volume Plates accessory
    – Temperature-controlled down to 65°C and control of water vapor condensation to perform temperature-sensitive assays
    – Linear, orbital and double orbital shaking
    – Measurement possible through Cuvette port (Optional) (to be released in the second half of 21st)

    – Endpoint or Kinetic ELISA
    – Nucleic acid and protein direct quantification
    – Microbial growth assays
    – Cytotoxicity assay
    – Cell proliferation assay
    – Spectral scanning

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    OPTIZEN NanoQ Microvolume Spectrophotometer

    Store: Maha

    NanoQ is wide wavelength microvolume spectrophotometer with modern design and user convenience UI. It supplies extremely fast and easy quantitative analysis of nucleic acid and protein by UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometry. It provides microvolume sample measuring mode and cuvette measuring mode so can measure wide range of concentration. You can easily set over 20 measuring modes.

    Main Charateristics:
    – It is a small spectrophotometer featuring compact size and main unit control.
    – A user can conduct the measurement precisely because it can be automatically set the pathlength according to the concentration.
    – Can Add User Menu combined by user’s most accessed measure mode.
    There is no need for measurement standby since it does not require a lamp warming-up.
    – It can measure protein and conduct cell counting. *Cuvettes are only available in OPTIZEN NanoQ Plus.
    – The measurement result can be saved or downloaded to a USB flash drive.
    – A user can easily operate the system using the intuitive LCD screen and touch functions.
    – It helps even novice users to drop the sample easily and accurately on the loading spot.

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    OPTIZEN POP Single-Beam Spectrophotometer.

    Store: Maha

    OPTIZEN POP measures transmittance or absorbance for each wavelength of a sample in the ultraviolet and visible ray bands, and through this, quantitative characteristics such as concentration and purity can be identified.

    OPTIZEN POP, which can be used widely from general analysis experiments to specialized research fields, guarantees accurate measurement and excellent reproducibility, providing reliable results in various fields such as environment, biotechnology, and chemistry.

    OPTIZEN POP provides 4 measurement modes (Photometric Mode, Quantitation Mode, Spectrum Mode, Kinetics Mode), and the user can select and use the corresponding mode according to the purpose of measurement. Using the S/W built into the equipment, touch screen interface, and application software, it helps the user to use the equipment very easily.

    Product Features
    – User convenience
    All functions of the existing PC software are loaded into OPTIZEN POP for faster and more convenient use.
    – Amazing measurement speed
    The fast and flexible software delivers the best results at analysis speeds up to 1.5 times faster than conventional products.
    – Compact size
    The compactly designed OPTIZEN POP increases the efficiency of the laboratory space.
    – Prompt service
    Based on OPTIZEN’s proprietary technology, service is available from design to manufacturing in Korea.
    – Wide scalability
    Designed to enable high-precision/high-resolution measurement in a wide range from ultraviolet to visible light, it can be used in various application fields.
    – Emotional design
    Now you can enjoy another pleasure with emotional design

    Product function
    – Help is presented in an easy-to-understand graphical format.
    – If you register the information being measured, analyzed, or completed as a favorite, you can quickly and easily call it up and work with it.
    – Can be used in conjunction with PC through OPTIZEN View
    – It is possible to measure in an optimal state by checking the operating time of the equipment, the preheating status of the lamp, and the accumulated usage time in real time.
    – It is possible to select the cell type and monitor the measurement without entering a mode, and the quick menu cell type icon changes depending on the cell type status or location, making it easy to check the current cell status.
    – It employs a temperature measurement system as standard, allowing for temperature confirmation/recording at the moment of analysis.
    – It supports convenient voice guidance and volume control function.
    – It comes equipped with a multi-cell system as standard, enabling automatic measurement of a large quantity of samples.

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    OPTIZEN Alpha UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

    Store: Maha

    OPTIZEN Alpha is a spectrophotometer that uses a double-beam method.

    OPTIZEN Alpha can measure the transmittance or absorbance at each wavelength of a sample in ultraviolet and visible light bands to determine the quantitative characteristics such as concentration and purity.

    OPTIZEN Alpha, which can be used widely from general analytical experiments to professional research fields, guarantees accurate measurement and excellent reproducibility and provides reliable results in various fields such as the environment, biotechnology, and chemistry.

    The previous single beam type spectrophotometer has a weak point of error occurrence in measuring a sample, because of the movement of a light source by time lag in measuring the strength of between a reference light and a light from sample. To solve the problem, OPTIZEN Alpha was designed as a double-beam type spectrophotometer. The system utilizes an additional reference beam to improve the measurement performance by compensating the intensity fluctuation of its light source.

    Product Features
    – User Convenience
    All functions of existing PC software are installed in OPTIZEN Alpha, making it faster and more convenient.
    – Incredible Speed
    Fast and flexible software delivers the best result with analytical speeds up to 1.5 times that of existing products.
    – Rapid Service
    Quick services are available as OPTIZEN Alpha is made in Korea from design conception to manufacturing based on the unique technology of K LAB Co., Ltd.
    – Extensive Scalability
    OPTIZEN Alpha is designed for high-precision/high-resolution measurement in widebands from ultraviolet to visible light and can be used in various applications.
    – Compact Size
    Compact OPTIZEN Alpha enhances the efficiency of the experimental space.
    – Sensuous Design
    Now, you can enjoy a greater level of pleasure with a sensuous design.

    Main Charateristics
    – A world-class measurement performance
    – Wide-size color screen (ALPHA: 8”)
    – Various cell compatibility and fast cell type choice
    – Automatic measurement of lots of samples by equipping multi-cell.
    – Convenient voice service and volume control
    – Emotional design

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