• 47 mm Polysulfone Filter Holder

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    – Can be used aseptically
    – Recessed filter support provides sufficient clearance so that the membrane will not twist or tear when the funnel is secured
    – Graduated funnel in 300 mL (standard) or 500 mL (wide mouth) capacities
    – Receiver flask (KP-47S) is interchangeable with all other models
    – Funnel cover can be vented aseptically using disposable syringe filter

    Product 47 mm Polysulfone Filter Holder
    Model KP-47H KP-47U KP-47W KP-47S KP-47T
    Filter Dimension ⌀47 mm
    Prefilter Dimension ⌀41 mm
    Filtration Area 13.5 cm²
    Funnel Capacity 300 mL 500 mL 300 mL 800 mL
    Receiver Capacity 300 mL
    Dimension ⌀75 x 185 mm ⌀78 x 203 mm ⌀105 x 183 mm ⌀92 x 274 mm ⌀105 x 240 mm
    Max Operating Temperature 80°C (Autoclaving possible at 121°C, 20mins)
    Field Food, medicine and cosmetic
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