• Cell Factory, TC Treated, Sterile , Vent cap

    •Medical-grade transparent polystyrene (PS) material that complies with USPVI. And the heat treatment process combined with injection molding is adopted to make the product have good toughness, and it is not easy to be damaged during transportation and transfer.
    •The cell factory adopts a self-developed surface modification process, which has strong hydrophilicity and better cell adhesion performance.
    •C-level purification workshop production, the production process conforms to the ISO13485 quality management system, professional fully automatic production line, the product has passed the three-level sealing test before leaving the factory to ensure that the product sealing is 100% qualified.
    •With a perfect quality management system, each batch has undergone a performance test to ensure the consistency and stability of product performance between different batches.
    •The double-big mouth design improves the speed of filling and harvesting liquid, and is not easy to generate air bubbles, which is conducive to gas exchange and
    high-density cell culture.
    •The cell factory is equipped with a complete set of sealed pipeline system, which provides two pipeline forms of thermoplastic tube or silicone tube, which can be connected with the pipeline of the liquid inlet system and the harvest system, and the liquid is carried out through a peristaltic pump or a pressure system. input and output.
    •The cell factory is equipped with a fast-switching sealing cover (patented product), which can switch between airtight and airtight states in a conventional
    environment (greenhouse), meeting the needs of dissolved oxygen and exhaust in different culture stages of cells and viruses.
    •The finished cell factory has passed the tests of the third-party testing agency (SGS) ISO10993-10, USP87 and the United States Pharmacopoeia, and has no
    sensitization, no hemolytic, no pyrogen and no cytotoxicity, etc.

    •JT85301: 1 layer, 635cm², 1 pc/ bag, 8 pcs/ carton
    •JT85302: 2 layers, 1270cm², 1 pc/ bag, 8 pcs/ carton
    •JT85303: 5 layers, 3175cm², 1 pc/ bag, 6 pcs/ carton
    •JT85304: 10 layers, 6350cm², 1 pc/ bag, 4 pcs/ carton

  • Screw Cap Micro Tube, -80℃~120℃, O-ring, Clear, Sterile

    •Unique external screw cap design ensures excellent airtightness.
    •Maximum withstand high heart force: 20000RCF.
    •The bottom can be vertically designed to facilitate the vertical placement of samples.
    •The wall thickness is precisely controlled, and it maintains excellent stability in the temperature range of -80C -121%C.
    •No DNase, RNase, no pyrogen.

    •JT201500: 0.5mL, 500 pcs/pack, 10 packs/case
    •JT201501: 1.5mL, 500 pcs/pack, 5 packs/case
    •JT201502: 2mL, 500 pcs/pack, 5 packs/case

  • Erlenmeyer Flask, Vent Cap, PC, Sterile

    •Flat-bottom Erlenmeyer flasks save preparation time and avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Precise scale marks for easy observation. The vented cap ensures gas circulation, while the ventilated and water-tight features ensure that the culture medium does not leak out.
    •Electron beam sterilizable, reusable
    •Production in clean environment, DNase/RNase free

    •JT301125-1: 125mL, 1 pcs/pack, 24packs/case
    •JT301250-1: 250mL, 1 pcs/pack, 12packs/case
    •JT301500-1: 500mL, 1 pcs/pack, 12packs/case
    •JT301000-1: 1000mL, 1 pcs/pack, 12packs/case

  • Cell Culture Dish, TC Treated, Friendly Handling, Sterile

    •The new saw edge design is convenient for the user to take the whole plant stably, or take out a plant from the stack of multiple plants. The bottom is flat and transparent, and it will not be optically distorted and deformed under the microscope.
    •Special TC treatment on the culture surface, excellent cell adhesion
    •Cover ventilation grid design to ensure gas exchange
    •No pyrogen, no endotoxin

    •JT101035: 35mm, 20 pcs/pack, 25 packs/ctn
    •JT101060: 60mm, 20 pcs/pack, 25 packs/ctn
    •JT101100: 100mm, 10 pcs/pack, 30 packs/ctn
    •JT101150: 150mm, 10 pcs/pack, 8 packs/ctn

  • Cell Culture Plate, TC Treated, Sterile

    •Based on multi-well parallel culture, JJTECH provides cell culture plates with different specifications of 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells. All culture plates are made of highly permeable high -quality polystyrene, not only the space of the culture wells is highly consistent, but the whole plate is also highly flat.
    •The dimensions of the cell culture plate strictly follow the requirements of the ANSI/SLAS standard, and can be used for instrument operation and analysis that meet this standard.
    •The product features are as follows: In order to facilitate the addition of samples in the well, letters and numbers are marked on the edge of the groove and in the gap of the culture well.
    •Independent groove design reduces the risk of pipetting contamination.
    •The non-slip design of the base helps to take out the entire culture plate smoothly, and the transparent side wall can be used for visual inspection of the sample in the well.
    •The ventilation pattern inside the lid and the design of the condensation ring, both of which together ensure a stable gas exchange and minimize evaporation.
    •Packing: 1 pcs/pack, 50 packs/ctn

    •JT100386A: 6 wells
    •JT100312A: 12 wells
    •JT100324A: 24 wells
    •JT100348A: 48 wells
    •JT100396A: 96 wells

  • Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, TC Treated, Sterile

    •Cell scrapers and serum pipettes can reach any drop. There are eye-catching writing areas on both sides of the bottle neck, and scales are printed on both sides, which is easy to use.
    •The anti-rollover design of the bottle body reduces the risk of contamination. In addition, stacking edges ensure stability when stacked.
    •Optimized sloping neck and anti-drip rim reduce the risk of contamination from media spillage and allow for safer pouring.
    •Aseptic ziplock bag packaging
    •High Definition, Polystyrene Material
    •Frosted writable area on bottle side, graduations on both sides
    •Stacking design is not easy to slip, easy to stack
    •Electron Beam Sterilization
    •No pyrogen, no endotoxin, no cytotoxicity

    •JT102025: T25, 25cm², 10pcs/pack, 20pack/carton
    •JT102075: T75, 75cm², 5pcs/pack, 20pack/carton
    •JT102175: T175, 175cm², 5pcs/pack, 10pack/carton
    •JT102275: T225, 225cm², 5pcs/pack, 5pack/carton

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