• 541-10000-11 Reax Top

    *Price valid while stock lasts.

    The classic with 5 mm shaking orbit

    This model is particularly suitable for simple mixing tasks. In short-term operation mode, the shaking motion is triggered by pressure on the test tube tray. This mode is suitable for mixing up solutions, for example.

    Persistent cell pellets can be dissolved gently but powerfully in continuous operation. With a speed of up to 3,200 rpm and a shaking orbit of 5 mm, reliable and uniform distribution of solids, and homogenization of highly viscous media are guaranteed.

  • 545-10000-02 Multi Reax

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    The versatile model with a 3 mm shaking orbit

    A high sample throughput is one of the daily challenges that analytical laboratories have to meet. Often several analyses have to be prepared simultaneously. To simplify these processes and the general workflow, a multi-vortexer has been developed.

    It can accommodate between 12 (16-32 mm diameter) and 26 (10-16 mm diameter) tubes (Falcon tubes or Greiner tubes). Reaction vessels with snap-on lids (“Eppis” or Eppendorf cups) are also safely fixed. The 3 mm shaking orbit and a speed control between 150 and 2,000 rpm guarantee excellent mixing results.

    The integrated timer (up to 999 minutes) enables the automatic termination of the shaking function. After the time has expired, a signal tone is emitted. In this way, you can be sure that your work process will proceed continuously, as several tasks have to be fulfilled at the same time.

  • 544-41200-06 Rotamax 120

    *Price valid while stock lasts.

    The compact one with a maximum loading capacity of 2 kg

    Space-saving and with a load weight of up to 2 kg, this shaker can perfectly master all applications.

    The variably adjustable speed control (20-300 rpm) and the orbit of 20 mm guarantee homogeneous distribution. Your applications can be carried out in continuous operation or by means of a timer (max. 120 minutes).

  • 543-12310-06 Unimax 1010

    *Price valid while stock lasts.

    The multipurpose model (Adaptable to the modular incubator system)

    This shaker can be integrated into the modular incubation system, and it is therefore ideal for all temperature-controlled shaking tasks. By means of the integrated RS 232 interface and in conjunction with the software Hei-PROCESS, processes can be realized semi-automatically. In addition, it is possible to operate several shakers of this size in one climate chamber.

    With a speed of 30-500 rpm and an orbit of 10 mm, samples are optimally kept in motion. Timedependent applications can be performed without any problems by using a timer (max. 99 h 99 min 99 S). In addition, the automatic restart (e.g. after a power failures) can be regulated by means of a button.

  • 544-12200-06 Titramax 1000

    *Price valid while stock lasts.

    The one with temperature-control

    The largest model of the Titramax series contains all the features of the Titramax 100: a shaking orbit of 1.5 mm, speeds of up to 1,350 rpm, and a timer.

    With a storage capacity of up to six multi-well plates, a higher number of samples can be processed. The option to integrate the Titramax 1000 into the modular
    incubation system also allows temperature-controlled processes to be carried out without problems.

    With this model, easy loading and removal of the plates can be carried out comfortably due to the recess and the spacings in the rubber mat.

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