• Disposable Vacuum Filter

    Vacuum filter is a disposable filtering consumable instead of solvent filter. It is aseptically packaged and welded with filter membrane of corresponding specifications. It can be discarded after use, It saves the trouble of cleaning and disinfection and saves a lot of labor. The filter is made of PS material and used with diaphragm vacuum pump, which can be used for filtration For large capacity samples, the filtered samples can be directly entered into the collection bottle, and can be stored directly by screwing on the cover.

    • ideal for filtering tissue culture media, biological fluids, antibodies, etc
    • aqueous solutions and other cell cultures
    • sterilization and filtration of solutions that cannot be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure

    •The low center of gravity design is more stable
    •Large filtering area and faster filtering speed
    •The concave design on the bottle body makes it easier to grasp, so it is easier to unscrew or tighten
    •Wide bottle mouth design makes the solution easier to pour out
    •The bottle body scale makes the reading more convenient
    •Unique interface design enables it to be connected with various rubber hoses
    •Easy to tear opening independent packaging design
    •Each product has a batch number for easy identification and tracking
    •Gamma ray sterilization is more thorough and reassuring
    •No DNase, RNase, pyrogen





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